Limited Offer Free Download Essential Flow SFX | Far East Edition Build your cinematic underscore with these 100% unique essential sound effects inspired by the instruments and environments of the far east, giving a fresh and organic feel to your sound library. 220+ sound effects in total. if you looking for best Essential Flow Sfx, you are in the right place. Here are the ESSENTIAL FLOW SFX | FAR EAST EDITION Download Free.

7 distinct categories. (Time-lapse, Slow Motion, Transitions, Loops, Risers, etc)

Digitally mastered essential sound design for high-end video editing.

Compatible with all video editing software (Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, Avid, etc).

Designed specifically to add volume and depth to your soundtrack and foley.

100% unique sounds to guide your projects to flow seamlessly.

A stand-alone pack with all of the essentials to supplement your sound design library.

Bonus “Ambience Pack” included with over 100 soundscapes of traffic, ocean, rivers, nature, etc to enhance the realism of your edit.



  • Timelapse x5
  • Slowmotion x10
  • Loops x5
  • Drones/Underscores x10
  • Risers x10
  • Transitions (Whooshes, Suck-backs, etc) x70
  • Ambiance (City, Nature, Traffic, etc) x100.

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