Dowload Flow 1.2.1 AEScripts Full Version Untuk After Effects

Halo semua selamat malam sesuai request silahkan untuk download Flow versi 1.2.1 dari AEScript.
Jangan lupa untuk donasi ya, karna donasi di ngefekindo tidak perlu bayar.
Bagaimana cara donasi..? Anda lihat banyak banner bertebara di luara sana..? Anda tahu harus bagaimana :)
Jika ada request silahkan masukan di kolom komentar.


Easy-to-use Curve Editor – click and drag the handles to define the shape of your curve. Anything you make here will directly translate to your animation curve.
Read Values from AE will analyze your currently selected keys and set the graph to their in/out curves.
Bezier Points reflects the location of your two points; if you’re familiar with the CSS cubic-bezier() transition, these values work exactly the same way and will produce the exact same curve. You can click here to manually set or copy these values out.
Save to Library saves current curve to User Library for quick use later.
Apply as Keys or Expressions – don’t want to mess with your perfect keys? Instead, try applying your curve as an expression. Flow will apply the curve to each pair of keys.
Use for Ease Out / In & Out / In toggles define whether you want to use your curve for easing into your keys, out of your keys, or both.
Import / Export Library provides a simple way of sharing animation curves with a team. Check out additional animation curves packs available for download below.
Responsive Layout – have it wide, have it slim, have it vertical or horizontal – Flow’s interface will adjust to any given situation. Don’t want to see the graph and have only library – we’ve got you covered. Simply slide the divider to hide the graph and you’re set.

How to install Flow

In order to install Flow, please download the aescripts+aeplugins ZXP installer and follow the on-screen instructions. After installation is finished, you can access Flow via Window -> Extensions -> Flow.
If your target application is CC2014 and it does not appear in the aescripts+aeplugins ZXP Installer, proceed to install it for newer versions of AE and it should automatically install for CC2014 as well.
AFTER EFFECTSCC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014
Download Disini

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  1. Hi Admin, ini tidak bisa digunakan untuk Mac ?


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